From Association science et bien commun I was delighted to find this open book that is incidentally published using Pressbooks:  FEMMES SAVANTES, FEMMES DE SCIENCE . There are 2 volumes as well as other books to dive into as part of a series on Portraits of Women in Science.  The description states:

This book offers a series of brief portraits of women who have made a significant contribution to the scientific heritage of humanity in all sciences, including the social sciences and humanities, or who, working in science, have contributed to the common good through a outstanding social, political or ethical commitment (or all three). It hosts portraits of women who have died or are no longer active in scientific research, as well as portraits of women still active in research, whose contribution to science or the common good seems already significant. These women come from all over the world.
A great book for a university level course, and comes with a CC BY license for remixing.