Sometimes you have to take a Slow Food approach to looking for OERs in other languages.  Today I had Bhutan on my mind, but after learning that Google can’t translate Bhutanese or Dzongkha, I flipped over to Nepal.

Nepal has an interesting project/gateway called OLE Nepal, and from there I discovered e-pustakalaya, a free and open digital library.  Now, the site is incredibly slow so browsing it requires a lot of patience when you’re accustomed to clicking and getting. I had to take a  click, go away for a coffee, come back, click again kind of approach which is a good reminder of the challenges of access to OER in regions where the digital infrastructure and access to is lagging.

Here are a few exhibits:

Nepali Child Dictionary – pdf.  (perhaps a great reference for those interested in learning Nepalese)

Good House at Home, -pdf. an early ready children’s book, which is really quite lovely for its illustrations alone.

The course materials section seems well populated with topics. I dipped into the environment folder, and it is well populated with self-study and other course materials.  Again, patience required.

Climate Change and Agriculture , -pdf. a 2015 publication that could be part of an interesting comparative exercise or synthesis (open pedagogy idea?)  although most of the references appear to be in English so it could be a translation. Having said that, the images and photos appear localized.

There many audiobooks as well, almost all in English, which suggests to me that there is a (unsurprisingly) dual purpose of providing resourced for English language learning.

There’s a lot to explore here if you can take a Slow Browse approach.