The  has a great teaching resources in Maori, as well as some other resources for learning Samoan and Fijian, Tongan, and Cook Islands.

There are lots of teaching resources to explore but two examples worth surfacing are in the Maori collection:

Te reo Māori activity book

Celebrate Māori language by learning Māori words and phrases through simple activities that kids love – word searches, colouring pages, and stories.

Whakanuia te reo Māori mā te ako i ngā kupu me ngā kīanga Māori mā ngā mahi māmā e arohatia e ngā tamariki – rapunga kupu, kauruku i ngā whārangi, me ngā pūrākau.

Matariki 2018 teaching resource – English and mātauranga Māori

These are beautifully designed pdfs, and while technically not open, they are a great example of how open-ish resources in other languages – in particular the lesser-used languages – exist in complementary education spaces such as museums.  It is also an example of how some languages don’t translate well when run through Google translate – in the case of Maori it’s largely gibberish and not really workable.