DataSelfie is a site that presents a fun approach to learning about big data and privacy, targeted at a youth audience.  I was really excited to find this, because it’s an example of an OER in another language with a huge reuse potential, given the global reach of a topic like this.  And to be quite honest, it’s so well designed in look and feel as well I’m not sure how much would need to be changed.

Here’s how the creators* describe their project:

In their offer design, media-educational offers deliberately take into account deliberately entered data and only insufficiently focus on the personal, political and social implications of big data. Assuming that young people communicate in a digital world, generate content and use different tools, we would like to emphasize the need for a media educational approach to big data and privacy.

Building on this, we conceived our project, which explores the question of how adolescents and their caregivers can be made aware of such a topic and how it can be helped to become mature citizens in a digital world.

The project is based on our professional interests in youth work, social education and extracurricular media competence mediation on open youth work institutions. The developed workshop was developed for youth workers and key persons. But it can also be done with a few adjustments and playful extensions with teenagers.

I love the description of the workshop process but also the fact that just using the online tool on it’s own results in an impactful learning experience.

Here’s a sample of some of the game cards, which are set up as data dealers and data owners:

If you aren’t playing the game, you can navigate the four different themes:

The site isn’t video heavy, but the videos that are included are close captioned and can be auto-translated as well.  

Also, like the wonderful Digital Tattoo project from UBC , the concept of a Data Twin is catchy and appropriate.  

*it appears that this site is the work of some students as an applied project…outstanding!