I wasn’t planning on including MOOCs on this site, because a) they seem to fall in the range of open-ish and b) many are only really available to view when they are actually running and you’ve registered for the course.¬† I decided to include a resource from Thai MOOC¬†because the CC license is clearly indicated and because it is very difficult to find any other type of OER in Thai.

I selected this particular MOOC – a course on photography techniques using drones¬† – because it was a good example of a current, relevant-to-many topic available as an OER and prime for adapting.¬† Of course, I’m judging this purely on the course description, since the course doesn’t actually start until January 7.¬† As an aside, I really wish MOOC sites would let you view the OER content without having to register and wait for the start date.¬†¬†


Basic knowledge about shooting by unmanned aircraft. Rules relating to shooting by unmanned aircraft. How to use unmanned aerial vehicles for photography Photographic Techniques for Unmanned Aerial Photography Photo processing with unmanned aircraft And unmanned aerial vehicle control standards.


  • LO1: Students can describe the type of unmanned aircraft.
  • LO2: Learners can explain the procedure for obtaining an unlicensed aircraft license.
  • LO3: The learner can explain the procedures for obtaining permission to fly in limited space in various forms.
  • LO4: Learners can control unmanned aircraft.
  • LO5: Students can select the shooting technique for the video by unmanned aircraft.


Here’s how Thai MOOC identifies its license:¬† “This material is part of the Thai MOOC (thaimooc.org)¬†and is distributed under a Creative Commons license¬†with the terms CC BY NC SA”