Jingpinke appears to be an extensive repository of Chinese OER.  There appear to be a ton of resources and while there is a fair amount of clicking around to do, and you have to set up an account to download, there is no shortage of features- metadata, ranking systems, commenting features etc.

I landed on a resource for Soil Science – a set of experiments for teaching how to measure nitrogen in soil.  Discipline Category: Geography

  • Author Resource: Zheng Xiangmin
  • Author: East China Normal University
  • Resource Type: Experimental Practice
  • Media Type: Mixed Media
  • Upload time: 2010-12-21
  • Resource Language: Chinese
  • Resource size: 20
  • Related tags:

I believe that this site is part of the Chinese Top Level Courses project, and a good description of that and Jingpinke is worth reading over here.

http://resource.jingpinke.com/download?uuid=ff808081-2d07d139-012d-07d1491d-087a&objectId=oid:ff808081-2d07d139-012d-07d1491d-087b Note: You have to sign up for an account to be able to download the materials.