One of the great things about looking at OERs in other languages is sometimes you land on a resource that gives you a really interesting glimpse into cultural approaches to a discipline.  Today’s resource -although it translates rather awkwardly in Google Translate – is a glimpse into a Russian how-to manual/textbook for public relations techniques.  There’s some interesting protocols that may or may not be specific to Russia such as this one:


Acceptance of “Cocktail” starts between 17.00 and 18.00 hours and lasts about two hours. on the invitation
SRI taken to indicate the beginning and end of reception. On the “Cocktail” can come at any time
in said gap and leave at any time prior to the deadline.
If the employees of a company staying at the reception are not together, then etiquette junior co-
staff member must be in place before their leadership. Should go to the reception in the opposite
Mr order: first, leaving the leadership and then, according to the rank, the remaining employees.
During reception waiters standing guests glasses with cocktails. Dress code – po-
all the day a suit or dress
The Google Translated textbook is described as following:
This tutorial (sic, it’s actually a textbook) introduces students to the PR technologies necessary for successful business activities, the basic principles of managing the information field to achieve a firm firm position in the market, the fundamentals of building and maintaining the company’s communications with customers. The textbook is intended for full-time students of specialties 351300, 061400.

Institution : Tambov State Technical University

Region of the Russian Federation:Tambov region

Year of publication : 2004

Bibliography link:: Blum MA, Molotkova NVPR-technologies in commercial activity: Textbook. – Tambov: Publishing House of TSTU, 2004. – 104 p.