Ok, this is might be cheating because the course is written in English and/or Spanish, but I really wanted to highlight some of the great work that is being done in OER for learning lesser used languages.  There’s not a huge ROI for producing language learning materials for lesser used languages, so if they do exist, they tend to be expensive, of limited selection, and not necessarily of good quality.  This makes them (or should make them) a prime candidate for OER initiatives, and fortunately there are organizations like LangOER and COERLL   who work to address this problem.

This resource actually comes from COERLL  – Chqe’tamaj le qach’ab’al K’iche’! seeks to develop a beginner to advanced level online course for K’iche’, a Mayan language of Guatemala.

This will be the first full online course of any Mayan language. Based on the variety spoken in Nahualá, it seeks to develop oral fluency in the student in addition to an understanding of the grammar as well as reading skills. The intended audience for this pedagogical resource is foreign students interested in developing their language skills, as well as native teachers in bilingual schools through western Guatemala.