From Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) this appears to be a set of 17 course modules on India and the World for a Postgraduate in Arts (Political Science) (MPS).  Course modules seem to be entirely pdfs, so this could make an open textbook of sorts.

Topics include:

2017 Unit-1 Development of India’s Global Perspective –
2017 Unit-2 Introduction to the study of Indian foreign policy –
2017 Unit-3 Objectives and Determinants –
2017 Unit-4 Decision-Making Institute: Special Reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security Council, Prime Minister’s Office, Parliament and Parliamentary Committees –
2017 Unit-5 Process of development of foreign policy: Role of pressure groups such as political parties and mass media, social movements, NGOs, business class, migrant Indians and contemplating groups –
2017 Unit-6 India’s Foreign Policy: Overview –
2017 Unit-7 United States and the European Union –
2017 Unit-8 Russia, China and Japan –
2017 Unit-9 India and its neighboring countries –
2017 Unit-10 India and Southeast Asia and the Pacific –
2017 Unit-11 India and Central and West Asia –
2017 Unit-12 India Latin America and Caribbean country –
2017 Unit-13 India and Africa Union –
2017 Unit-14 Political and Security Issues: Arms, Control, Disarmament, Nuclear Issues and International Terrorism –
2017 Unit-15 Financial problems: International trade and investment, multinational corporation and regional cooperation –
2017 Unit-16 Socio-cultural topics: ethnic and religious movements, human rights and human intervention and environment –
2017 Unit-17 Political and Diplomatic Affairs: United Nations, Non-Economic Regional Organization, Non-Aligned Movement and Globalization